Advocacy Opportunity – Respond to Senate Health Care Bill

On June 22nd, 2017, the United States Senate unveiled its plan to revamp healthcare in America. The controversial American Health Care Act, as discussed in the past, narrowly passed in the House of Representatives in early June and moved into the Senate for revisions. After two weeks in committee, where committees controversially dismissed public hearings, the Senate’s revised bill debuted with the new name Better Care Reconciliation Act. The Better Care Reconciliation Act comes with huge revisions to the House version…
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Advocacy Opportunity – Restore Respite Services in California!

California’s state budget has been a hot topic for the disability community for the past decade. In 2009, disability services were dealt a huge blow when the state cut funding for regional centers to cover social and recreational services and put caps on respite services. In almost a decade of economic recovery, these services have not been restored despite hard lobbying by the disability community. However, this year’s budget has made some progress in allowing respite services to be restored…
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FACT Hires New Executive Director

Lania Glaude, Esq., CPA, Board President of FACT – Family Adult and Child Therapies today announced that the agency has hired its next Executive Director.  She is Felita Jones, MPA, EdD, who comes to FACT with a wealth of experience and educational credentials, including significant experience and study in autism spectrum disorders and developmental disabilities. Dr. Jones is passionate about the field of autism services and about the individuals and families affected by the range of developmental disabilities. On receiving…
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Presidential Budgets and the Future of Disability Assistance

At the end of May 2017, the White House released its proposed budget for the federal government. While this budget is not likely to be implemented because Congress writes the final budget regardless what the White House wants, the White House proposed budget has historically been seen as highlighting what programs and policies President Donald Trump will prioritize while in office. The current proposal has come under fire from many sources from public bureaucracies to advocacy organizations, but FACT would like to share…
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June Executive Director Message

Exciting and Challenging Times at FACT….. The summer is setting in, the days are longer and hotter, and there is so much news to share and respond to. First, I just returned from Washington DC, and I can confirm that the atmosphere there is as uncertain and unpredictable as it is back home.  But the good news I took away is the huge body of very well intentioned, well-schooled and good hearted people that work within the massive federal bureaucracy.…
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The Curious Case of “Autism Camouflaging” – Via The British Psychologial Society

Despite the rising rates of childhood diagnoses of autism, many autistic people are often not identified as being on the spectrum until adulthood. While there is a growing amount of research dedicated to autistic adults, some are speculating that many autistic adults have learned coping strategies in order to fit in and thus making it harder for professionals to detect their condition. The British Psychological Society examines this phenomenon in reviewing the first major study addressing adult autistic behavior. Let us…
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How Do We Talk About “13 Reasons Why”? (Via Los Angeles Times)

Although not often discussed, mental health has a great effect on disabled people’s lives and how they see the world. Also, often not discussed enough is how pop culture has similar effects for everyone. Netflix’s newest blockbuster show “13 Reasons Why” has brought discussion of mental health (particularly suicide and depression) into public discussion and has elicited controversy about how the show handles this sensitive topic. The Los Angeles Times recently asked several educators about how they have handled talking about…
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Should We Rethink Special Education? (Via Invisible Disability Project)

One of the hallmarks in raising children with disabilities is ensuring they have appropriate educational supports. This often involves negotiating with schools about special education and creating and enforcing Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). But how can we make sure our kids get their needs met so they can thrive? The Invisible Disability Project offers an unique approach to negotiating with special education and IEPs here, and let us know what you think!

May Executive Director’s Message

Surfing in High Waves….. As we move on from “Autism Awareness Month” in April (or as we prefer to refer to it, “Autism Acceptance Month”), our challenge is to continue to make sure that everyone is aware of the needs of different subsets of our populations, and of the the services that are available to serve those needs. Also, what should be available but isn’t. To aid in public awareness, we have been assisted by a rising tide of films,…
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Political FACTs – Will There Be A New American Health Care Act?

In March 2017, Congress introduced its long-awaited plan to replace the Affordable Care Act with the American Health Care Act. Its introduction went under extensive analysis and was not well received to the point where it was pulled from a vote weeks after its introduction. In spite of its initial defeat, the White House and House Republicans have been working behind the scenes as early as April 3rd to revamp the bill to gain more votes in Congress. It is unclear what…
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