Social Skills & Support Groups

The social skills groups are beneficial for children on the autism spectrum, as well as children who need support developing skills related to communication, emotional regulation and social interactions. A blend of structured and unstructured activities allow for teachable moments to occur in a way that is both organic and meaningful. Each member’s progress is periodically assessed and goals and curriculum are adjusted accordingly. Group’s are open to siblings.

What parents are saying

“Joining the FACT Social skills group was a high point for our whole family during our long, difficult journey to a diagnosis. Staying in the group has been a highlight of each week since then.”

“Both of my boys, one typical, one on the spectrum, have made friendships I know will last a lifetime and so have my husband and I. I see growth in both our boys in how they deal with other kids and each other.”

My husband and I have gotten invaluable advice and support from the other parents in the group. My only wish is that we could go to social skills every day.”

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Social Skills Groups

Elementary Social Skills Groups

Kindergarten – 2nd grade and 3rd – 5th grade
These two groups focus on building fundamental social skills.

Core areas include developing an interest in others, building friendships and relationships, developing flexibility within play, increasing engagement and expanding conversation skills, developing perspective taking abilities, learning how to be appropriately assertiveness and mastering appropriate conflict resolution skills.

Middle School Social Skills Group

Grades 6 – 8
This group focuses on strengthening fundamental social skills while learning how to generalize skills across various people and environments.

Through a mix of conversation, experience sharing, role play, and other activities, group facilitators address issues related to greater responsibility and independence, changing peer relationships and pressures, and developing social confidence, while continuing to expand skills related to perspective taking, appropriate assertiveness and conflict resolutions.

High School Support Group

Grade 9 – 12
This group focuses on strengthening social awareness and the ability to interpret social cues.

Core concepts include developing one’s abilities to independently access, identify, and exhibit socially appropriate behaviors across contexts. Facilitators address the ever changing high school social environment, self discovery, conflict resolution and more through experience sharing, story making and other activities.

Young Adult Support Group

Ages 18+
This group focuses on the transition into and throughout adulthood.

Core themes build on adapting fundamental social behaviors and applying them to adulthood, including identifying and exhibiting socially appropriate behaviors in areas including (but not limited to) conflict resolution, self-advocacy and self-expression, peer relationships, dating, and internet behavior. The group also works on pro-social coping skills to help members successfully deal with many of the inherent challenges that face this age-group. The curriculum is adapted each week based on the current needs and experiences of the members.

Parent Education and Support Group

Parent groups meet at the same time as the social skills and support groups to provide parents with ongoing support and strategies to assist their child in social situations, manage difficult behaviors, and navigate successfully through developmental stages. The parent group curriculum includes a mix of articles, books, videos, parenting exercises and more.

General Group Information

Hours of Operation: Mondays 4:45-5:45pm for Elementary, Middle School and Parent Education groups; 6:00-7:00pm for High School and Young Adult groups.

Location: 3030 Westwood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90034

Westside Regional Center Vendor #PW2195
North Los Angeles Regional Center Vendor #PL0528

For further information or to arrange a visit please call (310) 475-9620 Ext. 1