Autism Therapy & Treatment in Los Angeles

Leading Edge Treatment + Whole Family Care = Better Quality of Life

FACT (Family, Adult & Child Therapies) provides a unique, affordable approach to autism care, combining leading edge treatment with a range of family support. Our goal is to not only maximize the potential of children, teens, young adults and adults with autism, but also improve the lives of their families as a whole.

Up to 33% Less Than Private Care Alternatives

FACT is a not-for-profit organization, started by families for families with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental challenges. By charter we must offer the best therapies and support at the lowest possible cost. FACT services are up to 33% less than other private care alternatives. And for those with the greatest need, a sliding fee scale, based upon ability to pay, is available.

Cutting Edge Therapies in a Variety of Settings

FACT‘s full palate of therapies and modalities are delivered by highly experienced professionals in home, clinical, community and scholastic settings.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – to help deal with social and anxiety disorders
  • Interactive Guided Imagery – using visualization to relieve anxiety, increase coping skills, and self confidence
  • Relationship Development Intervention – empowering parents to guide their children towards greater flexibility and resilience
  • In Home Behavior And Parent Training – treating maladaptive behavior and helping to guide children mastering complex problems and situations
  • Social Skills Groups – organically developing social thinking emotional intelligence play and friendship
  • Comprehensive Transition Programs – providing young adults with the opportunity to experience a variety of post secondary options including college,vocational education, national service, apprenticeships and creating their own micro enterprise

Personalized Care for the Entire Family

We understand that every person with autism and their family has specific needs. That’s why we make sure our programs are personalized for every family that we work with. Fill out the form below and we’ll have one of our experienced staff give you a call to hear your needs, and let you know how we think we can help you be all a family can be.

Let’s Talk about How FACT Can Help You