Autism Support Activities in Los Angeles

FACT was Created by Families for Families Affected by ASD

FACT was built for families by families affected by ASD, years before autism was even topsical. Therefore FACT programs and activities are not developed to “drive revenue” for the company, but to provide the most experiential value possible for FACT children, young adults, their siblings and their parents.

A Full Slate of Continually Evolving Programs

We have created an infrastructure to create and manage a range of stimulating programs designed to support the entire family. All elements are ultimately designed to help those on the Spectrum with character building, problem solving, mobility training, teamwork, organization, life skills and executive function. A fast phone interview will help us determine which program, or combination of programs is right for your child.

  • Summer Activities – daily and weekly programs feature creative experiences such as “Top Chef” cooking, “Lights, Camera, Action” film making, and “Survivor” adventures.
  • School Break Programs – we understand the pressure that school breaks put on all families living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. That’s why we have designed special programs for Winter, Spring and Summer recesses that are fun, but are ultimately designed to continue developing basic skills and confidence.
  • Emerging Leaders – a unique, regularly scheduled program, Emerging Leaders offers young adults an opportunity to hone their leadership skills and knowledge. Activities can include working as tutors for younger clients and their families, assisting teens in transition or facilitating diversity education.
  • Overnight Experiences – every other month FACT sponsors special overnight adventures for children ages 10-17, facilitated by our emerging leaders and staff.
  • Family Outings and Events – over the past 10 years FACT families have scrap books filled with adventures including annual whale watching trips, surfing, beach camp and other special events.

Find Out More About FACT Activities

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