Autism Independent Living in Los Angeles

The Next Step for Young Adults 18+

What to do after high school remains a difficult decision for many young adults and their families. FACT now offers supported, independent living options for students with autism who have just graduated from high school and residential schools.

FACT is a not-for-profit started by families for families, and one of Los Angeles’ most experienced providers of Autism Spectrum Disorder care.

Our Autism Independent Living programs follow person centered models, focusing on assisting individuals in identifying their challenges, and helping them determine what supports and modifications would increase their quality of life.

Supported and Tailored Living Arrangements

For young adults living away from home, matching their specific needs to a customized housing plan is paramount. FACT’s Autism Independent Living program offers three alternatives with individualized home and in-community support provided on an hourly basis, as needed.

  • Living in an apartment either on your own, or with roommates with paid staff
  • Living in an apartment with a supported living roommate
  • Living on your own, or with roommates with outside support

Comprehensive Support on the Road to Independence

FACT staff works daily with program participants to develop the basic toolset needed to live a better and more independent life.

  • Daily Living Skills – creating confidence and pride of managing a household from cooking, cleaning, and medication management to life-long skills of time management, banking, and negotiating transportation.
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness– developing an understanding of what to look for in any social situation and how to “read between the lines”, empowering individuals to be an effective participant in any social, educational or work environment.
  • Post Secondary Education Skills– skills needed to perform at maximum potential in any college or vocational setting. This includes:
    • Self Advocacy – how to let teachers, staff, tutors and other direct staff persons know what specific supports students need
    • Time Management and Curriculum Access
    • Effective Study Skills – how to work with tutors to ensure understanding of material
  • Executive Functioning Skills – to increase capabilities in areas of challenge critical to the participants’ next stage of life, such as shopping, making doctor’s appointments, or speaking with adults about personal preferences and needs. Participants gain real world life experiences ranging from going to restaurants, planning and taking to participating in a self determined leisure activity.

The Bridge to Greater Independence Starts with an Autism Independent Living Consultation

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