A 2 day conference dedicated to exploring differing abilities and innovative ideas

FACTx Program

A 2 day conference dedicated to exploring differing abilities and innovative ideas that have improved the lives of the community. Join leaders from around California including Dina Kaplan, Elaine Hall, Dr. Sarita Freedman, Dr. Ivor Weiner, Sharon Hensel-Cohen, Jim Abrahams and 30+ more speakers who will share their expertise and experience with you. CE credits available for qualifying professionals.

1 out of 5 individuals are living with a diagnosed disability in the US. An unknown number of people struggle with the same challenges as those with disabilities, but do not have a diagnosis. People with and without diagnoses have overcome their challenges with the help of technology, innovative ideas, emerging research and experience sharing. Join us as we explore a variety of topics including health, inclusion, advocacy, technological breakthroughs, interpersonal support, personal transformation, developing meaningful relationships and finding one’s place in society.

Lanterman Regional Center clients interested in attending the webinar in person at the Koch Young Resource Center can register by calling the KYRC Help desk at (213) 252-5600 or email at [email protected]

This conference is vendored by the regional center (vendor number PW2646). If you are interested in attending  please register, and then contact your regional center worker. We will notify you that your registration is complete when we have received your purchase order from the regional center. Use the “RSVP” selection online.

There are also a limited number of partial or full scholarships available. Please register using the RSVP option and we will contact you to let you know the amount of scholarship we can offer.