FACT is committed to finding ways to make the services our clients need as affordable as possible. FACT supports and programs tend to be up to 1/3 less than comparable private alternatives. FACT does everything to help you fund treatment and facilitate insurance reimbursement. FACT works with qualifying families to find and facilitate multiple resources including Regional Center. And for those who many not qualify for public funding or insurance, FACT can provide a sliding scale fee arrangement based on ability to pay.

Insurance Information

FACT makes every effort to help families deal with the arduous health insurance process, as well as with FSA (Flexible Spending Account) and HSA (Health Savings Account) transactions to make them as easy as possible.

In-Network Providers

The approved in-network providers FACT currently works with are Blue Shield, Aetna, Life Synch and Anthem Blue Cross. Please contact us to see if your plan qualifies for the services you seek from FACT.

Out-of-Network Providers

FACT provides required “super bills” for family and individual submission.

FSA and HSA Health Savings Vehicles

FACT is experienced working with Flexible Spending Savings and Health Savings Accounts from a broad range of financial institutions, allowing our families to process payments seamlessly.