Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Do I have to attend GAP five days a week?

    It is recommended that you attend all five days of the week but it is not required. Attending all five days will give you the opportunity to experience all components of GAP and participate in available internships.

  2. Does Regional Center fund GAP?

    Yes, both GAP Westside and GAP Valley are Regional Center funded programs. GAP Westside is funded primarily through Westside Regional Center (GAP Vendor #PW5976). GAP Valley is funded primarily through North Los Angeles County Regional Center (GAP II Vendor #PL1497). We also accept students who are consumers of different Regional Centers with approval of a guest vendorship and those wishing to pay out-of-pocket.

  3. Will joining GAP help me get a job?

    GAP does not promise to secure employment for you, but works with you to develop the skills you need to be competitively employed. GAP provides extensive vocational skills training and helps young adults discover vocational fields based on your interests and talents. If an internship or job opportunity arises, we can help by providing you with support/coaching as you learn the role in the position.

  4. Do you provide college support?

    Yes, we have coaches that are available to meet with you on various college campus. Our coaches provide on campus supports such as help registering for and selecting classes, accessing accommodations and free resources, navigating campus, managing time and assignments, interfacing with professors and Offices for Students with Disabilities, securing financial aid, etc.

  5. Does GAP provide transportation?

    GAP does not provide transportation to or from the GAP services. For any travel that happens during the GAP hours of operation, GAP staff and clients take public transportation or, when available, the GAP van.

  6. Are there any additional costs for the GAP Valley Program?

    On occasion, GAP participants in field trips or special activities which may require some out of pocket costs. The GAP staff will let you know in advance of an upcoming field trip so you can plan accordingly. You are not required to participate in activities that have out of pocket costs.

  7. Where does GAP take place?

    GAP takes place all throughout the city. Typically we meet up in one location and then small groups go throughout the city to engage in various activities.

  8. How do I apply?

    For GAP Valley, please email Tina Castro, MSW at [email protected]
    For GAP Westside, please email Sonni Bendetson at [email protected]