Tailored Services

FACT’s Tailored Services assist clients to develop a level of independence and confidence that empowers them to make informed choices and to become productive and contributing members of their local communities. Tailored Services (TS) are geared towards those who intend to obtain higher education or seek employment, and provides support that allows individuals to develop the necessary skills to live and thrive on their own. Tailored services tend to be the most appropriate service choice for individuals who do not want to be part of a group-based service like GAP, either because they are primarily independent and require support in only specific areas of their lives, or because they have more intensive support needs that would not be addressed in a group-based program like GAP.

Tailored Services are centered around four core objectives: post-secondary education, employment and volunteer placement, leading an integrated and inclusive life, and maximizing self-direction.



Volunteer and internship opportunities are explored through two primary areas: job discovery and a diverse array of partnerships.

Job Discovery is the first phase of a broader FACT service, micro-enterprise and customized employment. Job discovery is an opportunity to explore employment options based on interests and skill sets.

Post-Secondary Education: FACT’s Direct Support Professionals specialize in working one-to-one with students to organize, plan and achieve their educational goals. Clients may be enrolled in college to pursue any of four tracks: increase knowledge, certificate program Associate’s Degree and/or transfer, or Bachelor’s Degree (or higher). In addressing these areas, we work with students to build confidence and greater independence.

Employment and Volunteer Placement: The job development and employment process begins with a period of Discovery, during which clients are supported to identify their passions, explore possible career paths, and discover their marketable strengths. Discovery often entails volunteer and internship opportunities, which are developed through individualized searches and a diverse array of partnerships and help clients demonstrate, practice, and refine their skills. Once a suitable career path is identified, FACT supports clients to pursue job leads through traditional or customized employment.

Leading an Integrated and Inclusive Life: Young adults develop the skills needed to navigate daily life in the most integrated setting appropriate to their needs. Through participation in local community events, activities and daily life routines, young adults focus on key skills including: problem solving, assertiveness and initiative training, transportation, interpersonal relationship development, safety and emergency preparedness, management of unstructured time and developing a sense of belonging in the community.

Maximizing Self-Direction: Individuals are encouraged to exercise and increase their autonomy and to make their own decisions in all life areas. Objectives in this area include but are not limited to: communication skills; adaptive communication systems (development, use of, etc.); decision making skills; self advocacy; voting and registration; development of a circle/team of support; exploring life opportunities; making informed choices; positive behavioral support.

General Info

Services are flexible and tailored to clients’ needs and preferences, occur in the individual’s home community (including work and school settings), and are scheduled at the convenience of the individual.

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For further information please contact:

Heiry Perez, Manager of GAP and Tailored Services at West LA College, at [email protected] for Tailored Services at West LA College

Mayra Molina, Manager of Tailored and Supported Living Services, at [email protected] for all other Tailored Services