Tailored Services

Tailored Services are composed of three main components: internships & volunteering, educational support and leading an integrated life. Tailored Services are geared towards those who intend to obtain higher education or employment and provides support that allows individuals to develop the necessary skills to live and thrive on their own.


Volunteer and internship opportunities are explored through two primary areas: job discovery and a diverse array of partnerships.

Job Discovery is the first phase of a broader FACT service, micro-enterprise and customized employment. Job discovery is an opportunity to explore employment options based on interests and skill sets.

Our partnerships offer volunteer and internship experiences including:

  • Administrative and/or childcare
  • Teaching and assisting
  • Serving meals to the community
  • Work with the LAPD Mental-Health Education Unit, to improve officer training for interactions with citizens on the spectrum
  • Learning about organic gardening and landscaping

FACT also provides one on one training for those seeking to transition into a office environment through our Office Skills Training Program.

Educational Support

FACT’s Direct Support Staff (DSS) specialize in working one on one with students to organize, plan and achieve their educational and personal goals. In addressing these areas, we work with students to build confidence and greater independence.

Integrated Life

Young adults develop the skills needed to navigate daily life in the most integrated setting appropriate to their needs. Through participation in local community events, activities and daily life routines, young adults focus on key skills including: problem solving, assertiveness and initiative training, transportation, interpersonal relationship development, safety and emergency preparedness, management of unstructured time and developing a sense of belonging in the community.

General Info

Main Location: West LA College and in the community
Regional Center Vendor #PW102

For further information please contact
Sonni Bendetson at [email protected]