Customized Employment & Micro-enterprise

FACT’s Customized Employment and Micro-Enterprise Services provide a flexible blend of strategies and supports designed to increase employment options for job seekers with complex needs. Our goal is to support clients to become competitively employed, which means they work in an integrated setting in the community where they are paid the same as their typical counterparts (at least minimum wage) for performing the same job.

The customized employment or micro-enterprise development process begins with an exploration phase (Discovery) which lays the foundation for employment planning. Customized employment results in a job that is created or negotiated to meet the individual needs of the job seeker matched with specific employer needs. Micro-enterprise is profitable self-employment that is determined by a job seeker’s talents matched with an unmet need in the community. Benefits planning is an integral service offered to ensure use of work incentives for job seekers receiving SSI and/or SSDI.


FACT works with each individual for at least six months to help get the business get started. Before starting a business FACT provides assistance with the following:

  • Understand business basics
  • Determine a sellable product/service
  • Clarify if the business idea is something the individual enjoys
  • Write a plan for the business
  • Analyze costs to run the business
  • Think about who will help run the business
  • Plan how the business will affect benefits like SSI

Customized Employments

For some individuals with developmental differences, preexisting jobs (such as those found online) are not always a seamless fit for their skills and interests. Sometimes, individuals’ strengths are best utilized by combining parts of one job and parts of another to make a new position that did not exist before.

Customized Employment is an arrangement when the job the worker performs is negotiated with the employer to meet the specific talents, skills and needs of the individual while, at the same time, meeting the needs of a specific business. A FACT Job Developer helps to identify and negotiate these opportunities. Then, a FACT Job Coach helps the individual worker to do his/her job and spends a lot of time with the person during the first phase of employment. Gradually, the Job Coach “fades” his/her time until the worker is able to work independently.

General Info

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For further information please contact:
Sonni Bendetson, Director of Adult and Transition Services, at [email protected] or (310) 475-9620