FACT keeps a close eye on client and community needs and continues to develop new services that directly fulfill those needs. Our care is a balance of continuously evolving, cutting edge therapies coupled with a holistic approach, allowing clients to be fulfilled throughout all aspects of their lives including their mental health, social life, home, school and work.

The FACT Cornerstones of Better Care

Commitment for life

  • FACT clients have the comfort of being tied to an organization and community that can deal with ALL aspects of their children’s lives, today and tomorrow.

A Holistic Approach to Mental Health

  • A vast variety of services and programs that can be integrated together for clients of any age.

Person-Centered Care

  • FACT doesn’t fit people into programs, rather it makes the program of treatment fit the needs of the client.

Knowledgeable Professionals

  • FACT’s expertise and creativity lead to custom solutions for individual & family needs and maximizes behavioral and mental health treatment.

Community Integration

  • FACT goes beyond treatment with conferences, events and workshops that inform clients and the greater community about shifts in the mental health care industry, revolutionizing care options and more.

Affordable (With and Without Insurance)

  • FACT understands that mental health care can mean a lifetime of needs and provides affordable services so that clients can have them for as long as they need.

Easily Accessible Locations

  • FACT has satellite locations all over the community and instead of clients always coming to FACT, FACT provides services to go to the clients.

Advocates For Independence

  • FACT focuses on furthering each individual’s independence and quality of life. FACT celebrates self-advocacy and encourages clients to express their needs.