FACT dates back to a pioneering group of professionals and parents in the 1980’s. Founded on inventive applications of expertise and careful attention to fulfilling parent & client needs, FACT provided services and support to a small group of families. FACT quickly became a leader in a greater movement towards acceptance and appreciation of differing abilities. Children and adults were not asked to conform to social norms; rather, they were given social tools, communication guidance and behavioral support to adapt to an ever evolving society. FACT filled a need that the autism community had, and continues to fill their needs and of the broader mental health community. FACT provides affordable and quality care to children, adults, couples and families managing a large range of diagnoses.

For almost two decades, FACT families have watched their children grow, graduate high schools and colleges, serve on juries, hold jobs, and get married – in essence realize a simple dream we all share, to find a meaningful role in our community.